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      A diversified industrial group company integrating mining, mineral processing, chemical industry, smelting and trading.
      In the "integrity management" service purposes and dedication to provide users with quality products, quality services.

      Company Profile

      Dashiqiao Shengma Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the prestigious “China Magnesium Capital” Dashiqiao City. The company is adjacent to Datun Highway, 7 kilometers away from Shenyang-Dalian Railway and 10 kilometers away from Shenda and Beijing-Shenyang Highway. It is blessed with rich mineral resources. Now it owns Dashiqiao Shengma Chemical Co., Ltd., Dashiqiao Shengma Mining Co., Ltd., Dashiqiao Zhengtian Mining Co., Ltd., Dashiqiao Shengma Synthetic Metal Materials Co., Ltd., Yingkou Shengma Special Metallurgical Accessories Co., Ltd. the company

      leader's speech

      Since its inception in 2004, Shengma Company has developed into a small-scale chemical plant with a single production capacity of only tens of thousands of tons of sulfuric acid. It has developed into a self-sufficient supply of raw materials, fine deep processing of by-products, and diversification of products sold all over the world. The industrial chain has become a development trend of large-scale group management, professional management, and internationalization of production and sales.For more than ten years, along the way, St. Ma performed a wonderful experience and wrote history.

      • Sheng

        Customer as God
      • Ma

        Science and technolo
      • Chemical

        Survive by quality
      • Industry

        Develop with credit
      • 2019-08-03 Analysis of the difference between industrial sulfuric acid and reagent sulfuric acid

        Analysis of the differenc...

        As we all know, most of the sulfuric acid used in production is industrial sulfuric acid, and the sulfuric acid we use often contains impurities, and its purity is uncertain. There may be heavy metals, sulfur dioxide and other sub...
      • 2019-08-03 Main features of magnesium sulfate fertilizer production technology

        Main features of magnesiu...

        Magnesium sulfate fertilizer features:1. Strengthen production and reduce investment. Taking sulphuric acid as an example, the sulfur dioxide concentration in the converter has increased from 10.5% in the 1970s to 12%. The gas flo...
      • 2019-08-03 The difference between concentrated sulfuric acid and fuming sulfuric acid

        The difference between co...

        1, the meaning is different:Fuming sulfuric acid, that is, sulfuric acid solution of sulfur trioxide. Colorless to light brown viscous fuming liquid, its density, melting point and boiling point vary with SO3 content. When it is e...
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      Telephone:+86 0417-5277333

      Fax:+86 0417-5273870


      Contact:Mr. Chen-+86 18640735666

      address:Yingfeng Village, Nanlou Economic Development Zone, Dashiqiao City

      Copyright ? Dashiqiao Shengma Chemical Co., Ltd. All rights reserved Yingkou Zhongchuang Network Technology Co., Ltd.

      provide technical support 遼ICP備13005643號-1 

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